Located in the heart of the city in San Antonio, TX, The Social Agency was founded with the well branded business in mind. With a connection to boutique businesses in San Antonio, the team saw a growing need for social media presence for many to be recognized and establish a strong growth pattern in their businesses. 

Fast forward and The Social Agency has grown to cater more sought out services that include Media Relations, Social Advertising and Media Training. The expansion of clientele has grown, with a dynamic team with multi level industry experience helping more industries to help build confidence in brands city wide and beyond. Now catering to national clients and boutique clients, The Social Agency is now scaled to suit their specific needs and business model.    

Our Team
Suzanne Taranto-Etheredge
Christina Coker

Haling from North Texas, Suzanne is the Queen of getting it done! She runs at warp speed and doesn't mess around when it comes to building brands and has taken many to the tippy-top for becoming well known and established in San Antonio. Her super savvy prowess lies in her ability to connect brands with the right talents and she loves doing it over wine and with this carefully selected team of talented and socially savvy influencers.

Christina is a straight up super mom of 4 minis. In addition to being a cape yielding social savage of a mom, she is also an award-winning life & style blogger, a social media influencer, sometime model, and the current Princess of The San Antonio River Walk. All this to say, it's hard to outpace her work ethic for getting it all done and building brands along the way. 

Richard Fisher
Elizabeth Baker

An East Coast turned Texan, "Rick" has designed for top level brands, restaurants, museums, magazines and just about everything in between. Whether it's The Guggenheim or Pasha, Rick is able to bring to light the vision and dreams of business owners. A father of two amazing sons and designer to the stars makes this savvy designer a top notch profile at our agency. 

Elizabeth is in college which makes her our resident go to for all things Instagram and cool. Her social prowess makes her invaluable to our mission of brand savvy wizardry. Her talents include cool words, new tech mastery and resident nurse. (Not really, but she's in nursing school so we thought it deserved a shout out. But she is in control of the first aid kit.) 

Brittany Perry

Brittany's street cred includes PR whiz, social media strategist and Mom to two beautiful babies. She's the yin in our yang and a most proper professional writer whose super power is her pull us out of the clouds savvy and she excels at keeping the wheels turning at our fast paced agency.  Her motto is as long as it's AP Style, everything will be just fine. 

Want to make it "official"? 

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